Jill McKinley

Learn New Technology with Sticks!

Jill McKinley

Sunday, 1:00pm - 1:45pm

About the Talk

Audience Level: Intermediate
Jill was a lifelong DOS/Windows user and a technical lead for Windows support. In Jill's presentation, she shares her personal experience of switching from Windows to Mac and the challenges she faced in the process. She offers valuable insights on overcoming obstacles when learning new technology and discusses why new technology purchases often fail. Jill introduces different types of sticks that can enhance the learning experience, such as the matchstick, the stick of dynamite, and the beat stick. She encourages learners to have stick-to-itiveness in their journey and emphasizes that persistence and dedication are key to achieving goals. Her presentation is a great resource for anyone looking to take on big learning challenges.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Use of fun sticks to overcome irrational fears and emotions
  • Use collaborative sticks to work with others, find experts and learn from heroes to guide the learning process
  • Use functional sticks to hold yourself accountable and challenge yourself to be focused
  • Importance of stick-to-itiveness in the learning journey