Rachel Schmitz

The Case for the Lifelong Learner

Rachel Schmitz

Saturday, 10:15am - 11:00am

About the Talk

Audience Level: All
The incredible rate in which technology changes and advances requires users to constantly adapt, learn, and remain curious. Cultivating a mindset of continual curiosity will keep our minds sharp, our inspiration high and our motivation peaked. In this presentation of the Case for the Lifetime Learner, Rachel shares stories of how her family continually learns to use technology for creating not mindlessly consuming.

What You’ll Learn:

“In my home, my goal is to train myself and my children to “create not consume” regarding our use of technology.”

How can we each be creators not merely consumers of media, technology, and entertainment? In her talk, Rachel will give many examples of how each of her children have learned coding, designing, audio engineering, and enjoy creating in other ways using technology. This is applicable for any user of tech — we must learn to master our time, attention, and focus. Mindlessly consuming media is the trap that we all must face and conquer.