Chuck Joiner once again treats us to a behind the scenes look at Macstock, it’s presenters, and sponsors in his special MacVoices video series, The Road to Macstock! In this installment of The Road to Macstock 2017 Chuck meets up with first-time Macstock presenter Jeff Gamet about his talk on home automation.

The Road to Macstock takes a turn through AltConf in San Jose, where Jeff Gamet of The Mac Observer offers his thoughts on what makes both AltConf and WWDC such great events…characteristics they both have in common with Macstock. Jeff’s session will focus on smart home tech, and he shares how he will approach the topic, as well as some of the specific recommendations he will be making. He talks about what devices he likes, what he is staying away from, and why he wanted to be a Macstock presenter this year.


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