The Pleistocene “Elephant” in the Room

Looking for Macstock on social? You’ll find me and Macstock on Mastodon! I’ve fired up my own instance to host both Macstock and my podcast, so the easiest way to find me is to open your favorite Mastodon client (Ivory? Mastonaut? Web?) and search for:...

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Macstock VI is (Almost) Here!!

Macstock VI is just a few short weeks away and I can’t wait to welcome you back to Macstock! In just under a month we’ll be gathering for the first time since 2019 in McHenry County College's Luecht Conference Center's Auditorium to hear 2 days of fantastic talks...

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Macstock VI Tickets Now Available!

I mentioned this during the live stream this week, but I can't believe that after two long years, I finally get the opportunity to announce that Macstock Ticket Sales are underway! Woo hoo!! Once again, we'll be filling the auditorium at McHenry County College's...

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