Macstock VIII will host many of your favorite presenters from past years (yes, a few are lined up already!), but the Macstock Community is made up of an amazing group of people from all walks of life who offer a broad range of interests and experiences, so we’re always looking to help bring YOU to Macstock’s stage to share your unique twist on tech or this year’s theme!

As we did last year, Macstock’s Saturday & Sunday Sessions will take a more traditional, 45-minute format and should be focused on a specific concept, skill, or way of working with Apple (or other) hardware & software. As in past years, these sessions will be available to all Weekend Pass attendees.

We’re also exploring the idea of offering Workshops at Macstock VIII! Workshops would be offered as an “add-on” experience that provides a more in-depth, deeper dive, into a topic. Workshops should encourage discussion & activity and may range from as little as 90 minutes to up to half a day!

You have something unique to offer and All Are Invited to submit a talk for Macstock!

If you are interested in presenting at Macstock this year, please reach out to me and we’ll discuss your idea! And if you know someone who would make a great presenter, please get in touch with them, introduce Macstock, and ask them to contact me directly to learn more!

Whether or not your presentation is selected, learning about you, your experiences, and topics that you enjoy exploring helps us Level Up Macstock for the future!