Much like Woodstock’s Woodstock Willie, who emerged from his stump, yawned, and stretched his furry paws before declaring that his shadow was most definitely NOT seen and we would have an Early Spring (yay!), Macstock’s own prognosticator, Macstock Mike, emerged from his post-Macstock 7 slumber, yawned and stretched (he does not have furry paws), looked about and declared that we would, most definitely, have a Macstock VIII in 2024!

Yes, we may be starting off a little more slowly with the newsletters, but Macstock Mike has been spending the past month or so busily coordinating dates with select presenters and, more importantly, working hard to land a venue for this year!

But, with said venue just…about…landed (a story for another time), I think we’re ready to drop a few quarters into the ol’ coin slot and Press Start on Macstock VIII!

Save the Date!

Finding a venue was a bit trickier this year for reasons I’ll happily share in a future live stream (or perhaps over a pint or two some evening Macstock Weekend) but Janet and I found a place that we feel will be PERFECT to Elevate the Macstock experience to the Next Level.

It’s got everything we need. In one place!

And remember driving all over McHenry county jumping from hotel, to venue, to meeting up with friends after a fantastic day of talks? Yep…we think we’ve got most of that licked too!

I’m excited to share more details just…as…soon…as…I…can, but we’re still working out some final details with the convention center, so contracts aren’t quite in place yet, but what I can tell you is to mark your calendars and save the dates because:

Macstock VIII is coming the weekend of July 12-14, 2024!