Macstock Short Film Festival 2024

Get your camera rolling and be part of the action, the Macstock Short Film Festival will be back for its second year at Macstock VIII!

Hosted by Wally Cherwinski, the 3rd Macstock Short Film Festival gives those attending Macstock a chance to relax as each day winds down by sharing first-run screenings of videos made by your friends & family within the Macstock community.

Would you like to be part of the “Lights, Camera, Action”? Enter your own production in the Macstock Short Film Festival!

To take part in this year’s Film Fest, put together a short video (less than 2 1/2 minutes please) from some new or old footage and submit it!

The Macstock Short Film Festival rules for your production are simple:

  • Submissions are open to all Macstock VIII in-person attendees
    (we want to meet your smiling face!)
  • Videos may be shot with any camera
  • Preferably edited on a Mac or iOS/iPadOS device
  • Video should be created within the past 3 years
  • Submitted videos should be no longer than 2:30 (2 minutes, 30 seconds)
    (Videos that are a bit longer may be considered, only if time allows)
  • All final video submissions must be received no later than June 29th, 2024
  • Even if your video isn’t ready, the sooner you let us know one is coming, the better!

The Macstock Short Film Festival is not a contest and there are no prizes, but it IS a celebration of the creativity waiting to be discovered within the Macstock Community! We’ll share and entertain you with as many videos as we can, so let us see what you can do!

The number of submissions we can accept and screen during Macstock Weekend is limited, but we’ll show as many videos as we can during the Macstock Film Festival. If we have more submissions than we can share during the time available, we may release your video as part of the Macstock VIII Digital Pass for others to enjoy later.

Ready to begin?

Grab your camera or iPhone, record some memorable moments, and share your creative efforts with Macstock’s audience!

Complete the form below to send in your video submission now OR to let us know you plan to submit a video later. If needed, we’ll follow up with information on where and how to upload your submission when it’s ready.

Motion picture film reel with film unrolling to the bottom right. The Macstock logo consisting of a Peace Sign, a Heart, and a stylized early Macintosh are overlaid atop the extended film.