Speaker Rules

Duration: Each speaker will be given a single, 45 minute, presentation slot.

Presentations: The content of every presentation must be in compliance with copyright law. Speakers must inform Macstock organizers beforehand of any third-party material that will be used in their presentations and seek written permissions to copyrighted materials when applicable. Macstock cannot assist with this process, provide legal advice, or act as a consultant on individual cases.

Speaker waiver: All Macstock speakers and other stage presenters must complete the Speaker Form, giving Macstock the right to edit and distribute audio and/or video of their presentation with proper attribution given to the speaker within the introduction, titles, or credits of the audio and/or video recording.

Speakers MAY: record their own audio and/or video of their presentation(s) and use those recordings in any way the speaker sees fit. Macstock does not assume copyright (ownership) of materials presented by its speakers.

Content: If talks violate the guidelines below, we reserve the right to insist on their removal from Macstock branded distribution outlets.

  • No commercial agenda.
    • Speakers should not use their presentation time to blatantly promote their own products, books, or businesses or those of a company which employs them.
    • Speakers may not display banners, signage, or utilize other blatant promotional materials for their business while giving their presentation from stage at Macstock.
    • The only exception is where they have specifically been invited to give a product demonstration, or to describe the ideas in their book, and here the focus should still be on the technology and/or the ideas.
    • Speakers who wish to promote their business to attendees may purchase a Macstock Sponsorship.
  • No talks with an inflammatory political or religious agenda, nor for polarizing “us vs them” language. We seek to build consensus and provide outside-the-box thinking, not to revisit familiar, unresolvable disputes on these topics.
  • No discrimination on the basis of economic or social status, race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or disability.
  • No incitement to violence or promotion of hate.
  • No spammers.
  • No jerks – as determined by Macstock organizers and volunteers.

Payment: Macstock Conference & Expo (“Macstock”) does not pay a fixed speaker fee for 45 minute presentations.

However, Macstock speakers will receive one (1) complimentary full registration for their own use, plus an available discounted registration of $99 per person for up to one (1) guest. Hotel, airfare and travel expenses are not covered.

If a speaker has specific requirements to meet for a national or local speaking organization, please contact us to discuss those needs prior to submitting a presentation.

Sponsors: Sponsors have no editorial control or veto power over Macstock speakers.

Change log:
updated: February 10, 2024: Modified complimentary registration information to reflect new guest registration pricing for 2024.
updated: March 12, 2023: Added info on guest registration. Added notification for members of speaking organizations.
updated: February 22, 2023: Modified talk duration to single 45 min presentation.
reviewed & updated: March 8th, 2020 – added: Macstock’s inability to provide legal advice for copyright matters.
reviewed: January 1st, 2019