Talking Raspberry Pi with David Cohen on The Road to Macstock

Chuck Joiner once again treats us to a behind the scenes look at Macstock, it’s presenters, and sponsors in his special MacVoices video series, The Road to Macstock! In this installment of The Road to Macstock 2017 Chuck chats with David Cohen about a tiny computer revolution that’s been sweeping the educational and Maker communities by storm.

This Road to Macstock goes across the pond to chat with David Cohen of TechFan, who will be discussing the benefits and capabilities of the Raspberry Pi, the small, super-affordable computer. David explains the features of the computer that is perfect for those who want to do a little hardware hacking, want to learn to code, or just want a to experiment. If you think it isn’t for you, wait until David tells you all the things you could do with it, for very little money.


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Adam Christianson & Victor Cajiao on The Road to Macstock in MacVoices #16127

Chuck Joiner chats with Macstock Speakers Adam Christianson and Victor Cajiao in this next stop on The Road to Macstock!

The next stop on the Road to Macstock is a conversation with Adam Christianson and Victor Cajiao about their presentations. Adam will taking an educational angle  looking at Apple and STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Art, Music). Victor will discuss the power of an application everyone with a Mac already owns: Preview. The discussion then turns to what they each think are essential iOS apps for what they do.


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Macstock on!

Macstock received a great write-up at this week that perfectly encapsulates why we decided to launch Barry’s Midwest Mac BBQ and Macstock last year.

Brett writes:

I always loved attending Macworld, and almost entirely because of the people I’d meet and friends I’d see. Until yesterday, I thought the days we could all get together for some Mac love with a ton of my favorite Mac people were over.

Macstock is very much focused on what makes Apple products great: it’s users and that communal spirit folks traveled to Macworld each year to experience.

But we’re also focused on education. And with an expanded line-up of speakers this year, we’ve more than doubled the number of sessions covering topics as diverse as STEM (Science and Technology in Education), to getting the most from apps like OmniFocus and Preview, to more advanced topics like Macs in the Enterprise.

It’s really going to be a fantastic weekend for Apple fans and I hope everyone can make it. As Brett says, “the more the merrier”!

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