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The Pleistocene “Elephant” in the Room

Looking for Macstock on social? You’ll find me and Macstock on Mastodon! I’ve fired up my own instance to host both Macstock and my podcast, so the easiest way to find me is to open your favorite Mastodon client (Ivory? Mastonaut? Web?) and search for:...

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Save the Date: Macstock VII is Coming!

We have a Venue! We have Dates! (Hint: July 22 & 23, 2023) And all we need is ... YOU! Well, YOU and a bazillion other things I need to do before we can all meet again this summer like: update the website(!!!), get the new ticketing system working, finalize...

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Come Hang Saturday Night at Public House Woodstock!

Looking for a fun place to gather with fellow Macstock attendees Saturday after Day One comes to an end? The outdoor patio space at Public House of Woodstock has been reserved for us! While the Food and drink are not part of your Weekend Pass, you can grab yourself...

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Ready for Macstock VI? It’s a July Live Stream!

I am excited to see everyone again in ... oh my gosh ... less than TWO WEEKS!?! It's time for one last Live Stream before Macstock gets here so we can cover a few important things you'll need to know before you arrive next week! One more thing: Turns out there's an...

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Latest Live Stream: February 25, 2023