Below are the terminal commands covered in Mike’s 10 Terminal Tips for Mac Users talk at Macstock 2015!

Reveal Hidden files in the Finder:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE; killall Finder

Select Text in Quick Look:

defaults write QLEnableTextSelection -bool TRUE; killall Finder

Enable Key Repeat (Allison’s Twitter Question):

defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

Basic Terminal Commands:

Remember to use “Man” to discover the details of each command!

w/modifiers & arguments:

ls -l
ls -a


e.g. Go “Home”:
cd ~ (the tilde (~) is a shortcut for your Home folder)

mv & cp

rm / rm -r

cat {filename}
(I often use TextEdit for this!)


The Fun Command! Let your Mac speak for you!:

say -v -o

say -v Alex Welcome to Macstock -o welcome.aiff