Macstock VII Virtual PassThere are lots of great reasons to move Macstock to Stage Left this summer, but there’s one that folks who can’t otherwise attend in person will definitely want to know about: For the first time in Macstock’s history, moving to Stage Left allows me to offer folks sitting at home the opportunity to join in on all the great talks live, from the comfort of your … kitchen table? … through the new Macstock VII Virtual Pass!

Yep, that’s right: LIVE STREAM access to Macstock VII!

I’m making a big investment in new gear, both hardware and software, to pull this off, but even still, this is the first year we’ll be live streaming Macstock with a Virtual Pass and I expect there could be some bumps in the road throughout the weekend. So as a Thank You for helping me test this new offering, I’m including the Digital Pass Add-on ($100 Value) bundled with the Virtual Pass for one low introductory price.

Internet outage? Streaming service goes down? No worries! Including the Digital Pass Add-on assures that you won’t have to miss anything — even if WE miss a little something!

Learn More and Purchase Your Virtual Pass Here!