Macstock VII Digital Pass is LIVE!

Macstock VII Digital PassThe Macstock VII Digital Pass Recordings are LIVE and ready for you to watch!

I can’t believe it’s been just over a month since Macstock ended. (Re)Watching this year’s talks as I cut down the live stream into individual presentations reminded me of the amazing line up we had at Macstock VII. Every speaker hit it out of the park and I couldn’t be prouder to bring you the Digital Pass Recordings so you, too, can enjoy them again and again!

Whether you joined us for Macstock VII with a Weekend Pass, a Virtual Pass, OR you purchased a Digital Pass outright, you now have access to Macstock VII’s full schedule including 11 fantastic presentations, 2 days of the Macstock Film Festival, plus the MGG Caucus (which you can also enjoy as episode 993 of Mac Geek Gab)

Yep, it’s all there — including the stuff in-between the talks (just as if you were sitting there in person).

But, what if you don’t want to sit through all the extra fluff? No worries! I’ve included cues about 20 seconds into each video that let you know where to “jump” to get straight to the action!

Speaking of cues: In the interest of full disclosure, I did make slight changes to the original live stream recordings here/there if I felt it necessary to help you hear or see a portion of the weekend a little better. As they say, Live Happens!, so “some portions of the recording have been edited for time and/or content.” 😁

Oh! I should probably mention that if you couldn’t make it to Macstock VII (in person or virtually) and thought you might have missed your chance to purchase a Digital Pass the first time around, they’re still available! Just visit to pick up your Macstock VII Digital Pass today!

I’m thrilled with how well this year’s Digital Pass turned out and I hope you are too! It’s amazing how far we’ve come with the Digital Pass in just a few short years.

Macstock VII: A View from Above!

When Macstock Day One came to a close on Saturday, Mac Geek Gab’s Pilot Pete gathered everyone for a photo op in front of the Woodstock Opera House, but what we didn’t know is that we’d have to look UP to wave at the camera!

Skillfully piloting his drone above Van Buren street (shh!) Pete snapped a bunch of great shots of this year’s attendees — plus video that included a group wave from everyone before we wrapped the day and headed off to dinner.

I put together a quick video with Pete’s footage and got it up on the Macstock YouTube Channel, but if you subscribe to the Macstock newsletter and would like to create your own “Director’s Cut”, check out the QR code in the August 30th newsletter to download all the stills and video Pete shared with us!

Thanks Pete!!

An Update on Weekend Pass Sales

The in-person passes for Macstock VII are currently sold out!

There’s a chance that additional tickets might become available in the future, but I can’t say for sure when or if that will happen. If you’d like to stay in the loop and be notified if a Weekend Pass opens up, you can join the Macstock VII Wait List by clicking here.

Virtual Passes Still Available!

Macstock’s Virtual Pass offers a great alternative for attending Macstock if you can’t make it in person. I really want to make sure that as many people as possible get to experience Macstock this year, even if it’s virtually. If you decide to purchase a Virtual Pass now and a Weekend Pass becomes available for you later on, I’ll be more than happy to apply the cost of your Virtual Pass towards your in-person Weekend Pass!

For those of you joining us, whether in person or virtually, I’ll see you in July!

Macstock’s NEW Virtual Pass!

Macstock VII Virtual PassThere are lots of great reasons to move Macstock to Stage Left this summer, but there’s one that folks who can’t otherwise attend in person will definitely want to know about: For the first time in Macstock’s history, moving to Stage Left allows me to offer folks sitting at home the opportunity to join in on all the great talks live, from the comfort of your … kitchen table? … through the new Macstock VII Virtual Pass!

Yep, that’s right: LIVE STREAM access to Macstock VII!

I’m making a big investment in new gear, both hardware and software, to pull this off, but even still, this is the first year we’ll be live streaming Macstock with a Virtual Pass and I expect there could be some bumps in the road throughout the weekend. So as a Thank You for helping me test this new offering, I’m including the Digital Pass Add-on ($100 Value) bundled with the Virtual Pass for one low introductory price.

Internet outage? Streaming service goes down? No worries! Including the Digital Pass Add-on assures that you won’t have to miss anything — even if WE miss a little something!

Learn More and Purchase Your Virtual Pass Here!

Movin’ Right Along: Macstock VII’s New Venue

Woodstock Opera House ExteriorI’ve been sitting on some Big News for Macstock VII, but I couldn’t say anything until ALL the pieces dropped into place.

Well, this past Friday, the last piece — you know, that one that fell off the table and slid under the rug only to be chewed up by the cat? Yeah, that piece. It’s now in place and I can share what’s been going on behind-the-scenes at Macstock HQ the past few weeks….

Mactock VII is moving!

Not far. Like, literally right up the road in fact! We’re moving to a new venue located in the heart of the Historic Woodstock Square!

The new location is Stage Left and it’s part of the Woodstock Opera House complex — a building with a long and storied history including performances by Orson Wells, Paul Newman, Tom Bosley, Geraldine Page, Lois Nettleton, Betsy Palmer and Shelley Berman!

So, yeah…we’re in good company. 😉

And while Macstock won’t be held on the Opera House’s main stage — at least not this year — we will be hosting all our amazing speakers at (on?) … Stage Left, a venue decorated in a backstage motif celebrating the rich history of theatrical tradition.

Stage Left Cafe Interior facing windows that look out on to Woodstock SquareWhat I love about Stage Left is it’s a venue offering a more intimate learning environment where, as an attendee, you’ll have the opportunity to engage more directly with Macstock’s presenters and your fellow attendees in a relaxed setting that lends itself to a stronger sense of community and togetherness.

Plus, being located in the center of the dynamic and vibrant community of Woodstock means that I can arrange for evening activities mere steps from Stage Left! (See below for details)

So, you can arrive in the morning for Macstock, stay all day for our fantastic presentations, stick around and grab yourself dinner, and take part in a casual evening of socializing both Saturday and Sunday, all without needing to hop in a car … at least not until you’re ready to head back to the hotel at night.

Best of all? We’re not compromising! Macstock VII will provide the exact same content we’ve been planning to offer! And that includes unique experiences like Macstock’s Short Film Festival (did you submit your film yet??) and Mac Geek Gab LIVE.

Of course, I understand that change doesn’t always sit well with everyone. And changing venues 60 days out?? Well, now that I think about it, that feels very “Macstock” doesn’t it? But, if you purchased a pass to Macstock VII and moving Macstock to Stage Left affects your ability to attend this year, please reach out to me.

That said, I’m incredibly excited to share this change with you! I feel Stage Left’s setting will offer a much more personal experience, giving you a chance to interact with presenters in new and exciting ways and I hope, like me, you’ll see the advantages of moving Macstock to a new venue for 2023.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in July at Macstock VII!

Lights, Camera…Action!

Motion picture film reel with film unrolling to the bottom right. The Macstock logo consisting of a Peace Sign, a Heart, and a stylized early Macintosh are overlaid atop the extended film.Get your camera rolling and be part of the action, the Macstock Short Film Festival will be back for its second year at Macstock VII!

Hosted by Wally Cherwinski, the 2nd Macstock Short Film Festival gives those attending Macstock a chance to relax as each day winds down by sharing first-run screenings of videos made by your friends & family within the Macstock community.

Would you like to be part of the “Action”? Enter your own production in the Macstock Short Film Festival!

To take part in this year’s Macstock Short Film Festival, put together a short video (less than 2 1/2 minutes please) from some new or old footage and submit it here.

Don’t have a video ready? That’s okay, but we’d like to know one is coming. So, if you’d like to take part, but your film isn’t quite ready, please use the submission form to let us know that too!

The more short films submitted the better, so dust off your director’s cap, shine up your clap board, and get rolling!

All completed videos must be received by July 8th, 2023. You’ll find more on Wally’s Second Macstock Short Film Festival here: