Mastodon LogoLooking for Macstock on social? You’ll find me and Macstock on Mastodon!

I’ve fired up my own instance to host both Macstock and my podcast, so the easiest way to find me is to open your favorite Mastodon client (Ivory? Mastonaut? Web?) and search for:

Or, if you prefer, you can search for or visit

There you can follow, comment, boost, or … yep, just read what’s up with Macstock!

Don’t want to sign up for yet another social network?

Ugh! I get it! That’s okay, you can follow Macstock’s Mastodon account or Macstock’s news posts via RSS too! Yep, good ol’ RSS works great to stay on top of Macstock updates and news!

To follow my Mastodon posts via RSS:
Add (don’t forget to add the .rss) to your favorite RSS feed reader. (This should work with ANY Mastodon account!)

And to follow the news from Macstock’s website via RSS:
Use instead!


** I realize mastodons may not be in the same family of proboscideans as elephants, but…you know…creative license and all.

P.S. Wither Twitter?
Macstock’s Twitter account is going into “maintenance” mode. Thanks to RSS and a little IFTTT magic, posts I make on Mastodon *should* appear on Twitter, but it’s not guaranteed.