You’ve told your friends and family about Macstock, but now’s your chance to tell the world! If you’ve been to Macstock and would like to help convince others to join you at Macstock 2017, fire up QuickTime or your favorite video recording app and shoot a quick headshot video highlighting your top reason(s) to come to Macstock!

Some ideas might include:
Why should people come to Macstock?
My favorite thing about Macstock is…
The thing I’m most looking forward to at Macstock 2017 is…

Be creative! Be fun! But most of all, let folks know why Macstock is the place to be this summer!

Once completed, be sure to send me a link (via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) where I can download your video and I’ll get it posted to the Macstock YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, and other places to help promote Macstock 2017!

Looking for inspiration? Check out this video by Lisa!