In the weeks leading up to Macstock 2015, we’ll be running a series of quick interviews with each of the presenters of this year’s Macstock Conference & Expo called Meet the Speaker.

TimRobertsonToday we’re meeting Tim Robertson, the founder of, the Stoplight Network, and TechFan. He is an early pioneer in electronic and online publishing, and was one of the first podcasters in the world.


TechFan Podcast:

Why do you use a Mac?

More intuitive than Windows. Less hassle, and more “get work done” with the Mac.

What would you say to someone to convince them to come to Macstock?

Be a part of something new, something fun, and something different! It’s a chance to meet like-minded Mac users, make new friends, and meet some of your favorite Podcasters in person.

What is your favorite Mac app and why?

Evernote. It keeps everything I want to keep track of all together, and has the same information on all my devices.

Do you have any advice for switchers? Either to the Mac or to the Apple world in general?

Relax, and don’t be afraid to post questions on Mac sites. You will be amazed by the community of Mac users, and how ready they are to lend advise and help you.

If you were a Mac, which Mac would you be?

Macintosh Color Classic, as the cartoon version is the logo!

Tell us something about yourself that is NOT Apple related.

I am an avid video game collector, and am currently building a mini-arcade machine that actually will run from a PCB and not a MAME computer.