Macstock VI Digital Pass




Can’t make it to Macstock this year? Your Digital Pass to Macstock VI is the best way to support Macstock and take part in Macstock Weekend if you can’t be there in person! The Digital Pass will deliver Macstock’s sessions to you after the event!

BONUS CONTENT: The Macstock VI Digital Pass now includes all available sessions from Virtual Macstock 2020 and Virtual Macstock 2021!

Each Macstock VI Digital Pass is scheduled to include:

  • All Available Recordings of Macstock VI Morning sessions.
  • All Available Recordings of Macstock VI Deeper Dive sessions.
  • NEW: Access to Virtual Macstock 2020 & 2021 Digital Pass.
  • Watch available talks on your own schedule.
  • Access to recorded videos will be delivered shortly after the weekend ends.

The Macstock VI Digital Pass will include recordings of Macstock VI sessions for Saturday, July 23, 2022 & Sunday, July 24, 2022. Additional content recorded during the weekend in-between/after sessions may be made available at a later date, but is not guaranteed. The Macstock VI Digital Pass will deliver Macstock’s sessions to you after the event concludes.

Important Disclaimer! The Digital Pass is not a Live Stream of Macstock VI. Recorded videos will be delivered within a few weeks of the event ending. While all talks will be recorded, technical difficulties can always occur and no guarantee can be made that 100% of all talks will be provided via the Digital Pass. We do not guarantee the accuracy, quality or availability of the Digital Pass content. We also do not guarantee the Digital Pass content or the embedded video player will be free from glitches, errors or other interruptions. You understand that not every session taking place at Macstock will be available to view through the Digital Pass, and that Macstock has sole control over which sessions will be available to you. Due to the nature of the pass, Digital Pass ticket purchases are non-refundable after content has been made available to Digital Passholders. The Macstock Digital Pass includes a $6 non-refundable processing fee built in to the price. The limited Edition Macstock 2022 T-Shirt, Bonus Swag, and other in-person benefits of Macstock are not included with the Digital Pass.