Macstock 8 Digital Pass Now Available!

Macstock 8 Digital Pass - Stylized modern iMac with the image of two tickets on the display. Each ticket shows the Macstock logo of peace sign, heart, and classic Macintosh. A bar underneath the iMac reads Macstock VIII Digital PassFrom the fantastic talks, to discovering new tips and tricks, to meeting up with great friends old and new, there’s nothing like being at Macstock in person! And we still have plenty of Weekend Passes available if you’d like to join us for Macstock 8!

But if you wish you could make it to Macstock in person and it’s just not going to work to attend for personal, professional, or other reasons, the Macstock Digital Pass may be for you!

Available once again for 2024, the Digital Pass to Macstock 8 is the best way to take in the talks of Macstock Weekend if you can’t be there in person! The Digital Pass delivers on-demand video recordings of Macstock’s Saturday & Sunday sessions to you approximately 30 days after Macstock Weekend. And you can watch it all from wherever your Mac or iPad takes you!

It might not be quite the same as being there (and being at Macstock is pretty darn fun), but it’s the next best thing to seeing all of this year’s wonderful Saturday and Sunday presentations in person! If you’d like to learn more about Macstock 8’s Digital Pass, check it out here!

Please note the Macstock Digital Pass is not a live stream of Macstock VIII.

Virtual Macstock Was Here!

Virtual Macstock LogoI had two thoughts on my mind as Virtual Macstock came to a close last Saturday:

Wow, that actually worked!

and…Man, Virtual Macstock was a BLAST!!

We had speakers in their virtual green room, chatters in the chat room, and avatars zipping around the Macstock Lounge — thank you Marina! — and then folks jumping between them all throughout the day.

Just Like Macstock.

And, if you didn’t catch it, we even had a recording session taking place in the Lounge. Just…Like…Macstock.

Dang Guy and Gaz, that episode was fun! For anyone who missed it, be sure to catch it and all the Virtual Macstock attendee cameos, right here:

THEN, don’t miss Allison Sheridan’s look at how High Fidelity and Jitsi Meet (used for the speaker green room) worked in concert to bring a little extra “real” to the virtual. Her blog post on some of the tech we used for Virtual Macstock is here: and you’ll also hear Steve and Allison chatting about High Fidelity in this week’s NosillaCast here:

Allison also shared a human connection story with me where an attendee, Brian, met them in the Macstock Lounge and, later, caught up with them again in the NosillaCast live chatroom!

Just Like Macstock. Awesome!

Okay, I know it wasn’t exactly “Just Like Macstock” in every respect, but it sure was great seeing all the folks I’ve met and become friends with throughout the years hanging out and having a good time. That was the point of Virtual Macstock. And that absolutely was…Just Like Macstock.

It just makes me long for the next in-person Macstock even more. Can’t wait!

Accessing the Live Stream Encore

Virtual Macstock EncoreDid you miss some of the live stream? No problem! The encore is playing in the Virtual Macstock Main Hall!

We had a little glitch with the actual recording of the live stream lopping off the beginning and end of the day(!!), but I was able to download a full copy and re-upload it separately.

To access the encore presentation, just log in to your account at

Once logged in, you’ll see the full video embedded on that page.

*PSST!* Want to jump to a certain talk? No worries, I won’t tell! Unfortunately, YouTube Chapter Markers can’t be embedded on the Macstock site, so you’ll also find a direct link to watch the encore on YouTube with Chapter Markers to make it easier to find the talk you’re looking for.

The live stream will be available on the Virtual Macstock Main Hall page for all Virtual Macstock Passholders through August 1st, 2020. EXTENDED: through August 8th, 2020

Macstock 2021 Weekend Passholders will also have the videos added individually to their Digital Pass to watch any time.

Virtual Macstock is Coming!

The rumors* are true!

Two weeks from today we were slated to gather for the 6th annual Macstock Conference but, despite our best wishes and hopes, prudent caution and doing right by Macstock’s attendees took precedence, and Macstock 2020 was officially rescheduled for July 2021.

But I didn’t want to leave things at that. I miss you guys!

So the planning gears kicked in and, as those gears turned (albeit slowly), the idea of doing something Macstock-related on the “weekend that would have been” began to take shape.

Soon, much like the first Macstock back in 2015, Virtual Macstock began to take on a life of its own.

So, What’s Virtual Macstock?

I’m glad you asked!

Virtual Macstock will take place Saturday, July 25th, from 11am – 4pm CDT, and is a free, “drop in as you can” type event that’s available to anyone who’d like to stop by and check in on the sessions and the live stream, ask questions in the chat room, or even check out the “hallway track” we’ll have set up for you to hang out with Macstock friends you may not have seen since last year!

Here’s the best part: If you purchased a 2-Day Pass to Macstock 2020/2021, YOU’RE ALREADY REGISTERED!

And if you haven’t, registering for Virtual Macstock itself is completely free.

Of course you’re always welcome to purchase a Weekend Pass for what is now Macstock 2021, and that will register you too. Even though Macstock 2020 has been officially postponed to July 2021, if you purchase a Weekend Pass to “Macstock 2020” before July 26th, you’ll be signing up for 3 Days of Macstock 2021 at Macstock 2020 pricing!

Will There Be Sessions Like Macstock?

You bet! What would Macstock be without them?!

With so many amazing presentation submissions this year, Virtual Macstock is my opportunity to help introduce you to some of the speakers already accepted for Macstock 2021!

And it’s a pretty darned great selection of speakers if I do say so myself. With faces both new and returning, this inaugural edition (*hint, hint*) of Virtual Macstock is scheduled to feature only a small slice of those heading to Macstock’s stage in 2021 including (in no particular order):

Mike Schmitz
Brittany Smith
Jay Miller
Chuck Joiner
Allison Sheridan
Josh Rensch
Elle Newman & Brett Terpstra

and Joe Buhlig

We’ll be spending 20 mins with each of them** discussing all sorts of topics including previews of next year’s talks, cool projects they’re working on, or maybe something exciting going on in their life that has to do with the “World of Apple”.

AND, as time permits, we’ll throw things over to my pal Dave Ginsburg who’ll take the reins as “co-host” throughout the day as we chat live with speakers and ask them YOUR questions from Virtual Macstock’s live chat!

In addition, all talks will be available for 7 days following Virtual Macstock for everyone who signs up — and if you’ve purchased a Macstock 2020/2021 Weekend Pass, the talks will be available indefinitely as part of your Digital Pass for Macstock 2021.

That’s the plan anyway! How’s that sound to you?

Sounds great! How Do I Sign Up?

Did you buy a Weekend Pass to Macstock 2020/2021? You’re all set! Just sign in on the 25th with the same account used to purchase your ticket(s).

Otherwise, you can register for Virtual Macstock 2020 by itself right here:

All Details for taking part in Virtual Macstock will be sent to you before the event.

Wrapping Up…

I’ll say this: Virtual Macstock feels very much like the first Macstock to me.

Put together on a shoestring with little idea whether it would work or not, I’d say we’ve had a pretty good run with Macstock the past 5 years. And I’m very much looking forward to the next 5 years of Macstock…and beyond!

Yes, things sometimes go wrong at Macstock — it wouldn’t be Macstock if it didn’t! 🙂 — and with all the digital balls we’ll be juggling on the 25th, I’m certain something won’t go quite as planned during Virtual Macstock, but, hey, as I’ve found out these past 5 years, Macstock and the amazing community of folks who come back year after year has been worth it!

I can’t wait to have you join us for Virtual Macstock on July 25th…and then to see everyone once again, in person, at Macstock 2021!


* Rumors to the extent that they’ve existed — almost exclusively — for quite a while now deeply entrenched within my head.

** 20 minute sessions will be pre-recorded to help keep things moving, but we’ll have time to chat and answer questions with many of them LIVE after their talk.

2019 Digital Pass and How to Access It

If you purchased a 2-Day Weekend Pass to Macstock 2019 or the 2019 Digital Pass you have access to this year’s Digital Pass!

To access it, just log in to the Macstock Digital Pass page using the same account information used to purchase your ticket!

Once logged in, you’ll have access to all the videos published so far.

New Format for 2019!

When you log in to the 2019 Digital Pass page, you’ll notice right away that I’ve re-organized the Digital Pass videos into playlists, one for each day, and in a larger format making it a bit easier to watch on a mobile device.

This new format is used on both the Macstock 2019 and 2018 Digital Pass pages and will improve page loading speed as well as make the videos more accessible on mobile devices without requiring a switch to full-screen viewing — though that’s still an option.

Navigating each day’s videos is pretty straight forward. Either click/tap the disclosure triangle to get a list of videos featured within that day’s playlist or click/tap the forward and back arrows to quickly skip to the next or previous video in the playlist!

Digital Pass Navigation

FAQ: What if I Don’t Know My Account Info?

If you’ve forgotten your password, simply visit the “Digital Pass” page and click “Forgot Your Password?“, enter your email address (most likely the one this newsletter was sent to), and information for resetting your password will be sent to you!

Digital Pass Login Screen

But, I’m Still Having Trouble!

Things happen. Usernames and passwords get lost. Or maybe you have multiple email addresses and don’t know which one you used to create an account!

So, if you’re still having trouble logging in, resetting a password, or think I may have missed creating an account for you, Don’t Panic! Just drop me a line to let me know what’s going on and I’ll get you taken care of!

FAQ: Why All the “Extra Bits” in the Presentation Videos?

When we debuted the Digital Pass for Macstock 2018, I made a conscious decision to present the Digital Pass content as if it were “live streamed” to the viewer and I’m continuing that for Macstock 2019’s Digital Pass. This means that not only will you get the presentations, but you’ll get the conversation and things that happen (in front of the cameras) in-between those talks!

Now, of course I understand that not everyone wants to see the setup or pre-talk conversations, so I’m including a little “jump ahead” message approximately 20 seconds into most videos to let you know where you can skip ahead to if you’d like to bypass those extra bits.

FAQ: Are There More Videos Coming?

There sure are! As of this writing, I’ve published all the 20 minute sessions from Saturday (July 27) as well as the MyMac Game Show from Saturday afternoon.

Still coming are the main stage Deeper Dive sessions from Saturday and all of Sunday’s sessions. Finally, after all the Main Stage sessions are published, I’ll move on to the breakout room Deeper Dive sessions from both Saturday and Sunday!

Wrangling Speakers on the Road to Macstock

Chuck Joiner once again treats us to a behind the scenes look at Macstock, it’s presenters, and sponsors in his special MacVoices video series, The Road to Macstock!

The Road to Macstock is almost over, but we wanted to get one last volunteer interview in with someone who is behind the scenes, but is absolutely essential to Macstock’s success. Brian Henson is the guy who helps each and every Macstock speaker on stage on time, plugged in, and ready to go. He talks about how the different speaker personalities require different approaches, how and why he got involved in Macstock, and offers some advice for potential speakers.


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