Kirschen Seah: Fitness with your Apple Watch and iPhone

The Apple Watch has been around for over a year and we’re continually discovering new ways to make use of its capabilities. At Macstock Conference 2016, Kirschen Seah looks at the hardware in the Apple Watch and how it relates to fitness. She’ll also consider both indoor and outdoor fitness activities and how we can use the Apple Watch the iPhone and some additional accessories to better enjoy our workouts and track progress towards our fitness goals!

Wally Cherwinski: Video to Go

As video cameras today’s iPhones pack a powerful punch. With add-on lenses accessories and some video savvy you can take iPhone videography to a new level. At Macstock Conference 2016, Wally Cherwinski teaches you how to shoot video as naturally as you take stills and tap the full potential of your iPhone camera.

Mike Schmitz: Reclaiming Your Life with OmniFocus

Everyone can use help managing their projects and OmniFocus is a great tool to do that! At Macstock Conference 2016 Mike gives a brief overview of the problems OmniFocus can solve and why you might want to consider using it. With professional experience teaching OmniFocus Mike will demonstrate that while OmniFocus is a very powerful Mac app with a somewhat steep learning curve it’s really not bad with a little targeted help!

Kirschen Seah: Automation with OS X

Ever had to repeat a sequence of steps over and over again to accomplish something on your Mac? Bundled within OS X is Automator your friendly task…automator! At Macstock Conference 2016 Kirschen will look at problems Automator can solve at the actions that come bundled with Automator and she’ll build a sequence of actions using Automator’s simple drag and drop interface.

Allison Sheridan: Photos on the Mac – It’s Time to Switch!

Allison switched from Aperture to Apple Photos as soon as it came out. If you’ve hesitated moving to Photos, Allison’s talk at Macstock Conference 2016 will show you the hidden features you may not know about. Then she’ll demo some terrific Photos extensions, like Creative Kit 2016 from Macphun and Affinity Photo. These extensions give Photos capabilities well beyond anything we had before with iPhoto and Aperture.