Macstock 2018: Important Schedule Changes

I have a couple important scheduling changes you may want to be aware of if you’re attending Macstock 2018 in person this year:

First up, we have a topic change for Sunday’s schedule from presenter, Allison Sheridan. But the new topic she’s bringing to the schedule is a great one: Mind Map Your Way to Productivity. In this pair of talks, Allison will walk you through the basic concepts of Mind Maps and share examples of some of her mind maps to help trigger ideas for how you can use them to help you be more productive. She’ll continue exploring Mind Maps by going hands-on with with her favorite mind mapping application in her afternoon Deeper Dive!

The other major scheduling change is extending Sunday’s schedule by 1/2 hour! Macstock 2018 will now officially end at 6:30p on Sunday the 22nd.

Try as we might, we just couldn’t contain the awesomeness of this year’s presentations and McHenry County College graciously allowed all of us to stay an extra 30 minutes Sunday night so we can wrap things up properly.

I do realize some of you may be counting on the conference ending at six for your travel plans, so please rest assured that I am doing as much as possible to shift things around so that you’ll miss very little of our program’s highlights if you absolutely must leave before we draw to a close this year. One change will be to shift the Newton documentary start time a bit and push the movie’s Q&A with director, Noah Leon, to the 6:10-6:30 time slot. If you can stay, you definitely won’t want to miss the Q&A, but if you have to leave, at least you can catch the flick!

View the full schedule here