Adam Christianson: Steam Powered Apple

We live in an amazing time when access to technology is almost endless. Your Mac and iOS devices are awesome, but how can you use them to learn a new skill or craft? Better yet, how can you use them to teach a whole new generation? At Macstock Conference 2016, Adam explores techniques you can use to teach and learn new skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).

Adam Christianson & Victor Cajiao on The Road to Macstock in MacVoices #16127

Chuck Joiner chats with Macstock Speakers Adam Christianson and Victor Cajiao in this next stop on The Road to Macstock!

The next stop on the Road to Macstock is a conversation with Adam Christianson and Victor Cajiao about their presentations. Adam will taking an educational angle  looking at Apple and STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Art, Music). Victor will discuss the power of an application everyone with a Mac already owns: Preview. The discussion then turns to what they each think are essential iOS apps for what they do.


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