Road to Macstock 2019

MacVoices Presents The Road to Macstock 2019

Join Chuck Joiner on the Road to Macstock 2019, talking to the speakers about their topics, why they chose them, and what you can expect to learn when you attend!

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Mike Potter on Pre-Event Update

Brian Henson on Speaker Wrangling

Macstock Volunteers: Registration

Norbert Frassa on Camera Tech

Kirschen Seah on Sketchnotes

David Sparks on Artist Organization

Rosemary Orchard on Siri-fying Life

Elle Newman on Nerd Yoga

Josh Rensch on Productive Workflows

Dave Ginsburg on Creative Notes

Mike Schmitz on the Book Within You

Guy Serle on MyMac Game Show

Rick Cartwright on iOS Video

Stephen Hackett on Live Audiences

Brett Terpstra on Writing Workflows

Allison Sheridan on Podcast Evolution

Barry Fulk’s MW Mac Mingle

Wally Cherwinski’s Macstock Film Fest

Mike Potter on the Road to Macstock