A replay of Macstock’s March Live Stream
Recorded March 15th, 2022

Let’s hang out in a live stream to talk the latest updates for Macstock VI!

I intend for this to be a quick one:

I’ll cover the latest statistics (they’re looking good), give an update on Macstock’s venue & hotels, let you know where we stand with Macstock VI’s safety protocols, and give a sneak peek at who we have signed up to present at Macstock VI!

Chapter Markers:
00:00 Countdown
4:58 Welcome and Intro
6:30 Macstock’s Dates and Schedule
9:05 Local Statistics
19:15 Global Risk Estimates
22:50 Hotel Update
25:05 Venue Updates
26:20 Socially Distanced Seating Plan
32:55 Protocol Updates for Macstock VI
38:45 A Look at Other Small Conferences
43:35 RSVP Attendance Requirement
48:45 First Round of Speakers
55:40 Comments, Wrap Up, and Thanks

GA Tech Event Risk Tool: https://covid19risk.biosci.gatech.edu/
CDC Know Your Community Level: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/covid-by-county.html