From Photos to AfterShot & Why You Should Upgrade

By Alex Brazeau

Hey Mackstock-ers,

GW_HeadshotPhoto editing on the Mac is changing—and the change has just begun! With the recent debut of Photos and its planned addition of extensions, it’s an interesting time for photographers to be on the Mac. Now that Part 1 of our series has familiarized you with AfterShot 2, Part 2 sees us talking to Greg Wood, Corel’s Senior Product Director for photo software, about photography on the Mac, and why you should consider jumping to AfterShot to help take your photo-game to the next level.

So, Greg, tell me a little bit about AfterShot … how did it come about?

AfterShot is Corel’s photo workflow software. It joined the well-known PaintShop Pro (a Windows photo-editing software) in our photo lineup a few years ago when we saw a need for something different to address the huge numbers of photos being shot by both professionals and enthusiasts—a trend that’s only grown since that time.

AfterShot and AfterShot Pro, the professional edition of the app, are designed to make it incredibly fast to edit and manage all of your photos. It’s well suited to the task: AfterShot Pro is easily the highest-performance RAW software available anywhere.