It’s a Triple Treat on the Road to Macstock in MacVoices #16129

Chuck Joiner sits down with THREE Macstock Speakers in this new episode of MacVoices on The Road to Macstock!

Our next stop on The Road to Macstock features three different presenters covering very different topics. Dr. Robert Carter of The Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast will discuss Mac accessibility, Guy Serle of the MyMac Podcast will be showing tools and techniques to create podcasts from his iPad, and Tim Robertson of The Techfan Podcast will serve as ringmaster for the on-stage speaker roundtable discussions. The group cover their individual presentations, comment on Apple upgradability, and share if and how they use their iPads.


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MyMac Podcast #596 Talks Macstock 2016

mymac596Huge thanks to Guy & Gaz for letting me join in on the fun and talk Macstock 2016 this week! Next time I’ll come better prepared with a Pick!

Soooo, yeah more Skype issues with Gaz (does his voice sound naturally deep to you too?) but the GMen don’t let it get in the way (much) with their interview with Mike Potter! Mike is not only the host of the For Mac Eyes Only podcast, but he’s also the creator of the Macstock Conference and Expo which will be taking place for round 2 on July 16th and 17th this year in Woodstock, Illinois. Guy WILL be there, Gaz MAY be there, will you?

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Guy Serle: What Kind of Mac Should You Get?

Buying a Mac is a deeply personal experience, but at Macstock Conference & Expo 2015, Guy Serle and Gary “Gazmaz” Malpas break the process of buying a Mac down with three examples and then give a surprise twist at the end.

Five Questions with: Guy Serle

In the weeks leading up to Macstock 2015, we’ll be running a series of quick interviews with each of the presenters of this year’s Macstock Conference & Expo called Meet the Speaker.


Guy posing with a Wendy’s triple hamburger!

Today we’re meeting Guy Serle, a long time Mac user and, along with Gazmaz, one of the co-hosts of the Podcast.

MyMac Podcast:

Why do you use a Mac?

Going all the way back to the early 80s when I first saw a crude flight simulator on an old Apple II I’ve been fascinated by computers and what they had the potential of doing. As soon as I could afford one, I bought into it to see if I could translate some of that interest into the real world. That old Mac Plus served me well and convinced me that this was something I wanted to pursue.

What would you say to someone to convince them to come to Macstock?

If you ever went to the Macworld Expo and enjoyed it beyond the vendor’s booths then this is your chance to experience the community again. If you never went to the Macworld Expo, this is your chance to get a taste of what it was like at a much lower cost and in an area that won’t judge you based on your fashion sense or in my case lack of fashion sense.


MyMac Podcast #556 Features Macstock 2015! podcastThanks to Guy & Gaz for devoting more of their show to Macstock!

Because we haven’t talked about it enough, Gaz and Guy devote the entire second section of the show to the Macstock Conference and Expo which is taking place on June 20th in Woodstock, Illinois. This is followed by them also talking about the Midwest Mac BBQ taking place on the same day. They MUST be sick or something. Hang on a moment…they were! However in a moment of lucidity, they’ve included a great recording of Gaz’s daughter Sarah singing at the end of the show.


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