Mike Schmitz: Reclaiming Your Life with OmniFocus

Everyone can use help managing their projects and OmniFocus is a great tool to do that! At Macstock Conference 2016 Mike gives a brief overview of the problems OmniFocus can solve and why you might want to consider using it. With professional experience teaching OmniFocus Mike will demonstrate that while OmniFocus is a very powerful Mac app with a somewhat steep learning curve it’s really not bad with a little targeted help!

Kirschen Seah: Automation with OS X

Ever had to repeat a sequence of steps over and over again to accomplish something on your Mac? Bundled within OS X is Automator your friendly task…automator! At Macstock Conference 2016 Kirschen will look at problems Automator can solve at the actions that come bundled with Automator and she’ll build a sequence of actions using Automator’s simple drag and drop interface.

Road to Macstock 2017 on MacVoices with Tom Piper

Chuck Joiner once again treats us to a behind the scenes look at Macstock, it’s presenters, and sponsors in his special MacVoices video series, The Road to Macstock! In this third installment of The Road to Macstock 2017 Chuck spends time with Tom Piper!

Tom Piper is our latest conversation on The Road to Macstock 2017. Tom will be giving pointers on the power of Apple’s Pages word processor/page layout program, and talks about the evolution of Apple-authored software, and how databases disappeared from the equation. Pages packs plenty of power into a deceptively approachable package and Tom explains how and why he uses it for everything, including some things that might surprise you.

source: http://www.macvoices.com/macvoices-17075-road-macstock-tom-piper-pages/

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Robert Carter – Built-in Accessibility: A Paradigm Shift

Apple is the first major technology company to provide built-in accessibility for its entire product line. The fact that the accessibility is built-in means there is no additional cost for the customer. It also means that a blind Mac owner can independently install the operating system from scratch because accessibility is part of the OS X operating system and not bolted on after the fact.

Chatting with Matt Hillyer on The Road to Macstock in MacVoices #16153

We’re in our final leg on The Road to Macstock with Matt Hillyer in this next installment of The Road to Macstock on Chuck Joiner’s MacVoices Podcast!

The Road to Macstock is winding down as we talk to Matt Hillyer, who will be making a presentation on virtualization in the enterprise environment. Matt tells us how this is a big part of his working life and how it can benefit anyone. Matt is known for his work at a time when Macs had to come in through the back door in business, and talks about why that is no longer necessary.

source: http://www.macvoices.com/macvoices-16153-road-macstock-matt-hillyer-benefits-virtualization/

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