Macstock VI: April Live Stream

 Duck with speech balloon saying Quack. Macstock logo beneath duck.Join Me Live for Macstock VI’s April Updates!

I mentioned to someone the other week that, unlike previous years, Macstock in 2022 was taking “shuffle steps” toward an in person event this summer, and then I’d start running.

Well, that running is just about to begin!

I just have a few more “ducks” to line up in a row before that happens, but we’re definitely close enough to sprinting season that next week’s April live stream will have a lot of ground to cover!

So let’s hang out next week for my latest updates on Macstock VI!

Here’s what I’m planning to share:

  • The format of Macstock Weekend’s Schedule
  • A Surprise Change to Our Talk’s Themes (yes, plural!)
  • Hotel Block Reservation Links
  • Quick Safety Protocol Update
  • And, Yes, the Start of Macstock VI Ticket Sales! Woo hoo!

As we get closer to Macstock weekend and the rest of those Quacking Ducks (quack, quack!) start lining up, I’ll begin to dig deeper into everything you need to know about Macstock VI — like our confirmed line up of talk topics!


April 19th, 12 PM Central Time (18:00 UTC)

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Watch Live on YouTube April 19th!*

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*Don’t worry if you can’t join us live. Recordings will be available on Macstock’s YouTube Channel for your time-shifted viewing pleasure.

See you then!


REPLAY: Macstock VI March Live Stream

A replay of Macstock’s March Live Stream
Recorded March 15th, 2022

Let’s hang out in a live stream to talk the latest updates for Macstock VI!

I intend for this to be a quick one:

I’ll cover the latest statistics (they’re looking good), give an update on Macstock’s venue & hotels, let you know where we stand with Macstock VI’s safety protocols, and give a sneak peek at who we have signed up to present at Macstock VI!

Chapter Markers:
00:00 Countdown
4:58 Welcome and Intro
6:30 Macstock’s Dates and Schedule
9:05 Local Statistics
19:15 Global Risk Estimates
22:50 Hotel Update
25:05 Venue Updates
26:20 Socially Distanced Seating Plan
32:55 Protocol Updates for Macstock VI
38:45 A Look at Other Small Conferences
43:35 RSVP Attendance Requirement
48:45 First Round of Speakers
55:40 Comments, Wrap Up, and Thanks

GA Tech Event Risk Tool:
CDC Know Your Community Level:

REPLAY: February Live Stream with Macstock VI Announcements

A replay of Macstock’s first Live Stream in 2022!
Recorded February 8th, 2022*

I take a look at local COVID-19 statistics, share an overview of the Macstock in 2022 survey results, discuss why Macstock is moving away from years in the name, give the latest updates from Macstock’s venue, and we’ll close out with some important protocol and programming updates for Macstock VI.

Sitting in with me this time is Chuck Joiner of MacVoices!

* Though this was recorded live as the stream progressed, this replay has been edited to fix brief glitches in the stream, minor audio and video issues, as well as an echo on Chuck’s side due to a misconfiguration of the mixer on my end.

Chapter Markers:
00:00 Countdown
14:20 Welcome and Intro Chuck Joiner
21:40 Agenda
23:10 Local Statistics
37:15 MacVoices on Live Stream Content
41:10 Survey Results
57:18 MacVoices on CES and Remote Interviews
1:09:03 Macstock’s Name Change
1:10:28 Updates from the Venue
1:12:32 MacVoices Wrap Up
1:14:42 Protocol Updates for Macstock VI
1:25:29 Programming Updates for Macstock VI
1:30:52 Wrap Up and Thanks

Chuck Joiner, MacVoices:
Event Risk Tool:
Shaw Media Latest News:
How Vaccinated Where You Live?:

Macstock Stories: Jim Rea

In this episode of Macstock Stories, we chat with Jim Rea about his history with Apple and developing for the Macintosh, the origins and development of the database app, Panorama, some cool use-cases of Panorama, and what encouraged him to attend his first Macstock in 2019.

Jim is a Mac developer ever since there were Macs, the founder of ProVUE Development, author of Panorama, and a frequent contributor to MacVoices.

Macstock Stories is a limited run series that focuses on the folks who attend and support Macstock each year.

Some Links to Know:

Everyone has an interesting story to tell, and this is Jim’s!

When I announced the postponement of the next in-person Macstock to July 2022 back in February, I also announced Macstock Stories, a limited run series that focuses on the Macstock Community: the very folks who attend and support Macstock each year. If YOU have an interesting story to tell, whether it’s a cool project you’re working on with your Apple gear or a favorite story from past Macstocks and you’d like to share it with the Macstock Community, reach out and let me know!

Adam Christianson: Steam Powered Apple

We live in an amazing time when access to technology is almost endless. Your Mac and iOS devices are awesome, but how can you use them to learn a new skill or craft? Better yet, how can you use them to teach a whole new generation? At Macstock Conference 2016, Adam explores techniques you can use to teach and learn new skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).