Kirschen Seah: Fitness with your Apple Watch and iPhone

The Apple Watch has been around for over a year and we’re continually discovering new ways to make use of its capabilities. At Macstock Conference 2016, Kirschen Seah looks at the hardware in the Apple Watch and how it relates to fitness. She’ll also consider both indoor and outdoor fitness activities and how we can use the Apple Watch the iPhone and some additional accessories to better enjoy our workouts and track progress towards our fitness goals!

Visiting Kirschen Seah on The Road to Macstock in MacVoices #16140

The Road to Macstock delivers us to Kirschen Seah in this next installment of The Road to Macstock on Chuck Joiner’s MacVoices Podcast!

The Road to Macstock rolls on with Kirschen Seah of Free Range Coder, who will deliver several sessions at the conference. Kirschen will address methods to automate your Mac, and how to use your iPhone and Apple Watch to pursue your fitness goals. With us, she discusses the non-fitness ways she uses her Apple Watch, and talks about developing her own, very specialized, iOS bicycle maintenance application.


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