By Alex Brazeau

Hi again Macstock-ers,

If you’ve been following our multi-part series here as part of this year’s conference, you’ll know that speed to results is a major focus of the AfterShot team. It’s our mission to get you in and out of AfterShot as quickly as possible, with stunning results. If you’re among the first 200 people registered for Macstock 2015, you will receive a faster way to work with your photos – Corel AfterShot 2.

Here’s a little something that will help you get going even faster in AfterShot 2.  Download this helpful Keyboard Shortcut Map for Mac, print it out, and pin it up next to your workstation to help you cut down on clicks while you’re editing.

Check out Part 1 or Part 2 of our Macstock blog series, to learn more about Corel AfterShot 2.

Click the image to Download your AfterShot 2 Keyboard Shortcut Map (PDF) for Mac Now!