Wrapping up the Road to Macstock on MacVoices #16154

Chuck Joiner brings us to the door of Macstock 2016 in this final installment of The Road to Macstock with Macstock organizer Mike Potter on Chuck’s MacVoices Podcast!

The Road to Macstock wraps up with an update from organizer Mike Potter on the panel of speakers that has been assembled, the international flavor of the attendees, and a fashionable accessory that has been added to the mix. In the absence of Barry Fulk, Mike also adds to the information about the Midwest Mac BBQ companion event, reminds us about the discount code that can save you $25 off admission to everything, and tells us why you may still be able to benefit from Macstock (six months later) even if you can’t make it. Hope to see you at Macstock!

source: http://www.macvoices.com/macvoices-16154-road-macstock-mike-potters-update-macstock-2016/

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Mike & Barry Launch Road to Macstock 2016 on MacVoices #16087!

Buckle Up and get ready for Road to Macstock 2016 with Chuck Joiner on this new episode of MacVoices!

We start a new series to celebrate and support Macstock Conference & Expo and The Midwest Mac BBQ with a visit by Mike Potter and Barry Fulk, the organizers of the two events. This year, they have combined to create a great weekend of tech education and socialization in the Chicago suburbs. Mike and Barry discuss why this year attending both events will be even easier, why it is now a two-day conference, and the roster of speakers. Everything attendees loved about last year’s event is back, and more. Find out why you need to be making your plans to attend now.

source: http://www.macvoices.com/macvoices-16087-barry-fulk-mike-potter-kick-off-road-macstock-midwest-mac-bbq-2016/

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10 Terminal Tips: Commands Covered

Below are the terminal commands covered in Mike’s 10 Terminal Tips for Mac Users talk at Macstock 2015!

Reveal Hidden files in the Finder:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE; killall Finder

Select Text in Quick Look:

defaults write com.apple.finder QLEnableTextSelection -bool TRUE; killall Finder

Enable Key Repeat (Allison’s Twitter Question):

defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

Five Questions with: Gazmaz

In the weeks leading up to Macstock 2015, we’ll be running a series of quick interviews with each of the presenters and attendees of this year’s Macstock Conference & Expo.


Come meet the real Gaz at Macstock!

There wouldn’t be a “Guy & Gaz” at MyMac without Gaz, so today we’re meeting Gazmaz, Mac user since 2006, frequent contributor to For Mac Eyes Only, and one of the co-hosts of the MyMac.com Podcast.

MyMac Podcast: http://www.mymac.com

For Mac Eyes Only: http://www.formaceyesonly.com

Why do you use a Mac?

Because I became feed up of being the administrator for the Windows box that we owned, plus I had a horrific failure which if I hadn’t been as geeky as I had been I’d have lost a load of personal data, mainly photo’s. I was though extremely hesitant at first because I thought that I’d miss ‘getting my hands dirty’ by getting into the machine, how wrong I was with the older Mac Mini’s. Not so much now of course, but that means I get to play with all that great software.

What would you say to someone to convince them to come to Macstock?

If you listen to any Mac podcast, or if you have had any interaction with the wonderful Mac community, this will be about the only opputunity, now that Macworld has gone, to meet a wonderful group of people. Although you can avoid me if you want to 🙂


MacVoices Features Macstock and MWMacBBQ!

MacVoicesMacstock 2015 featured on MacVoices #15117!

Barry Fulk, the host of the Midwest Mac BBQ, and Mike Potter, the organizer behind the MacStock Conference & Expo, both in Chicago, talk about the genesis of their events, why they decided to combine them, and what you can expect to see, hear and eat when you attend.

source: http://www.macvoices.com/macvoices-15117-barry-fulk-and-mike-potter-on-the-midwest-mac-bbq-and-macstock-conference-expo/

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