Macstock Swap 2019

Macstock Swap is Back!

Macstock Swap LogoDesigned as a place to help recycle your old, working, gear by delivering it into the hands of folks you know will treasure it as much as you once did, the Macstock Swap Trading Zone is a place for folks to drop off old Apple stuff and pick up new (to you) Apple stuff from others in trade!

Some examples of “stuff” might include: unwanted/unused hardware, software, or even your old Apple collectibles!

As you might expect, there will be a few simple rules we’ll ask everyone to follow:

  • Hardware must be complete and in working condition
  • iOS devices must have Find my iPhone disabled, signed out, and Erased
  • Devices with cables should be neatly bound (no rat’s nests!)
  • Software must run on a Mac and include all original discs & licenses
  • iPhone/iPad cases or screen protectors must fit current model devices.
  • Please: NO cables, NO speakers/headphones, NO Electronics Cases or bags (or similar)
  • No money is to change hands
  • No taking Guy’s podcasting equipment 🙂
  • If any of your “stuff” is left over at the end of Macstock Weekend, we ask that you please take it home again to recycle responsibly.

Help give your old hardware the new home it deserves at Macstock 2019!

5 Years Ago Today

Macstock 5 Years LogoFive years ago today we gathered for the very first time at Macstock 2015

…and 5 weeks from today we’ll be gathering once again for Macstock 2019 which is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting Macstock weekends ever!

Bringing together Apple fanatics just like you from over 8 countries around the globe, this year’s Macstock features two days of amazing talks by many of your favorite personalities from throughout the Apple community who will be sharing innovative new ways to accomplish tasks, save time, and express yourself creatively while getting the most from your Apple devices and apps.

But your 2-Day Weekend Pass brings you so much more than that, including:

> Tim & Guy’s MyMac Game Show brought to you exclusively by Macstock’s home town sponsor OWC!

> A recording of Mac Power Users episode 500 live from Macstock’s stage!

> 3 bonus sessions brought to you by Macstock’s Platinum Sponsor, OWC!

> The first ever Macstock Film Festival hosted by Wally Cherwinski!

iMac G4 Found at Macstock Swap> Looking to trade (or discover) “new” Apple hardware? Visit the Macstock Swap Trading Zone to see if you can find that Mac you’ve always wanted…like I did last year! >>>>>>

> Nerd Yoga sessions each morning to help you make it through two long days of Macstock!

> And don’t forget Barry’s Midwest Mac Mingle evening activities Saturday night including the return of Game Night!

There’s only ONE place you can find all that plus that fantastic community spirit that makes being an Apple user so special, and that’s at Macstock 2019!

See you there!

Press Release: “Love Notes to Newton”, a film about a little green computer and the people who love it.


A film about a little green computer called “Newton” and the people who still love it.

Montreal, Canada – 22 July, 2018 – Love Notes to Newton, the film by director Noah Leon, is premiering at Macstock Conference and Expo in Woodstock IL. on July 22nd, 2018. and will be available for purchase shortly after. Love Notes began as a tiny crowdfunded fan-film that quickly snowballed into a trans-national feature-length documentary.

Contact Noah Leon at Moosefuel Media for more information: Supporting photos can be downloaded here:

Created by some of the smartest people in Silicon Valley, Newton was a handheld device ahead of its time. Just as it was coming of age, it was cancelled by Apple. But the inspiration lives on. A dedicated community has kept it going for over twenty years after its demise. this is Love Notes. It’s about the people who created the Newton, and it’s about the fans who keep it going. It’s the story of a little device which may be the most personal computer ever.

With over 40 worldwide interviews, appearances include Steve Capps—responsible for much of the software design of the Apple Lisa, Macintosh and Newton—John Sculley, former CEO of Apple Computer, and many more, as well as the quirky and unique fans of the platform.  There are touching moments, too, and the film hits all the emotional beats of the story.

“I’m addicted to your movie!”

-Mike, coordinator, Macstock conference and festival

“It is three in the morning, and I have to rise in 3 hours to go to work. I should have been sleeping for hours. But I couldn’t stop watching. This film is fantastic.”

-Frank Gruendel, Newton User

“When I think of the international scope of this documentary, and the people who are involved, it blows my mind that we did it on such a small budget.”

-Noah Leon, Director

The film will be available for purchase shortly after the premiere at and Vimeo On Demand. All proceeds from the sale of the film go to


Love Notes to Newton was produced, written and directed by Noah Leon at Moosefuel Media with support from bright lights in the Newton and Mac community. The film is not produced or affiliated with Apple, Inc. Moosefuel Media is a new media production company specializing in corporate, event and documentary films.

We hope you become one of the people who love this little green machine that almost changed the world.


Macstock 2015 Round Table: Hosted by Tim Robertson

At Macstock Conference & Expo 2015, Tim Robertson hosts Macstock’s panel of speakers in a round table discussion in which they share a bit of their background in podcasting as well as their history with Apple products. Followed by a brief Q&A from the audience.

TMO Daily Observations Hosts Macstock

tmo_dailyobservations_1400pxThanks to Jeff Gamet for having Barry and me on TMO Daily Observations Podcast to discuss Macstock and the Midwest Mac BBQ! Really appreciate the focus this week on boutique conferences and what we can offer to the Apple Community!

Apple conferences are about more than traveling to a different city to learn something new. Today Mike Potter from Mac Stock and Barry Fulk from the Midwest Mac BBQ join Jeff Gamet to talk about the community experience we get from conferences and why that makes smaller events more appealing to some attendees.

source & download:

Listen Here!